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A little About Pet Dawn ....

Thanks for checking out Pet Dawn! 

We are Ron and Miya the founders of Pet Dawn. We own two awesome dogs and a cat, which all live together peacefully in our house!

When we first adopted Billy (Our Dog), we tried to find him accessories that will make his life better… For example we looked for a quality a car seat belt, to keep him safe while traveling… or a GPS locator so he will not get lost. It was quite a tedious process to find quality items for Billy (There is no problem finding low quality, short lasting items) which involved a lot of research and disappointment.

When we talked to other dog owners, we understood that this is a huge problem. It’s quite hard to find reliable stuff for our dog. So, then we decided to leverage the experience we gained to offer high quality items for the average dog owner.

PetDawn Store is an online boutique that offers dog clothes, leash, harnesses, collars, grooming supplies, toys, and other accessories. It’s basically a one-stop shop for all the dog lovers.

At PetD we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to you and your family. We are always careful to ensure that our products emphasize QUALITY, SAFETY and DURABILITY. 

Our products are carefully screened to ensure they are of the highest quality and embody out highest priorities. We seek to find not only the highest quality goods but those products that will promote greater SUSTAINABILITY  and support the development of communities.

We are continually seek to improve our inventory and product uses to ensure that our items are biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, safe and durable.

Another central concern at Pet Dawn is to support those charities and community efforts to support and alleviate the suffering of animals from all over the world from pets to global protection of animals. 

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Your Support and Patience and the fact that you decided to visit out store is GREATLY APPRECIATED. We will do anything we can to give you the best service, and in case something goes wrong, the BEST SUPPORT.

Thank you for choosing Pet Dawn !